Introducing …me

Let’s start with me, the eleven year old me.  In our very first history lesson at Grammar School, we had to write a time line, charting our lives up till that point.  Mine had already been quite eventful.  We’d moved from rural Yorkshire to scarily cosmopolitan London when I was five, to enable my father to find work.  I’d had – and totally recovered from – polio.  And although we were far from wealthy, we’d been abroad several times, at a time when it was still quite unusual to venture further than the English seaside for the annual summer holiday.


My father was behind that: there’s a story there too.  He’d come from Poland in the war, and ….. but that’s for another post.  As are some of the stories from my early days in Yorkshire, and the several false starts in our efforts to make a life in The Big City.


19 thoughts on “Introducing …me

  1. What a great day to start a new blog! I for one will look forward to reading it – like you I so regret not finding out more about my family from my parents before they died. With no other family, all that knowledge, gone … how could I?? One day, if there’s ever time, I’d like to dig and delve a bit into some of the family myths I recall … but for now, I’ll enjoy you doing the same!


  2. I’m here, and looking forward to it! I love that you have that book from your school years–and look at your perfect handwriting! This is an important undertaking, I think–cobbling together your family’s story . . .


  3. Love your first post and I am looking forward to following your adventures growing up. We have a great deal in common – my dad travelled when we were young because of his profession, he was a chemical engineer, and I had seen parts of the world many did not see growing up in my time (I was born in ’61). By the time I had reached 12, I had lived in overseas in Paris and Venezuela, as well as North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas. I wish I had my old notebooks, though I fear my handwriting was no where close to as legible as yours. May your journey of discovery open new doors and windows of understanding to how and why you are you. Have a Happy New Year.


  4. How wonderful to have kept this notebook – you really did do a lot of travelling for the times! If you don’t mind I’ll follow along since this is such an interesting challenge to set for yourself.


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